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15 July 2024
Arianism symbol

Arianism was a Christological view held by followers of Arius, a Christian priest who lived and taught in Alexandria, Egypt, in the early 4th century. Arius taught that God the Father and the Son were not co-eternal, seeing the pre-incarnate Jesus as a divine being but nonetheless created by (and consequently inferior to) the Father at some point, before which the Son did not exist. In English-language works, it is sometimes said that Arians believe that Jesus is or was a "creature;" in this context, the word is being used in its original sense of... Read More


The Vendox symbol of Astronism

Astronism is a naturalistic new religious movement and philosophy founded by the British philosopher Cometan which is managed by the Astronist Institution, also founded by Cometan. Astronism's main difference from other religions is its cosmocentric worldview. Its technical designation is an organised philosophy.

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