Yahweh [our God], told Miryam And Yosef to name his son [our Messiah], Yahshua. Not Jesus. Jesus is of a Greek/Latin hybrid name. Yahweh gave His son a Hebrew name Yahshua which has the name [Yah] in it. The Son has His Father's name [Yah] in his name. Yahshua maens Yahweh saves. Yahweh is the name that our God Gave Moshe on the mountain when he asked "who shell I say sent me?" God said "Yahweh" which means the great I am. It also means Alpha and Omega, The begining and the end, Father, Agape and Omnipotent etc. Yahweh is the only God that said we can call him Father. He is the only God that ever loved us so much that He died for us to save us from ourselves.

        Most people say that "well, You're spliting hairs about the name thing" and that God has many names and He accepts all languages. He does accepts all languages because He made them all, but names don't change. All the different names that God has are names that Humans gave Him, But He only Gave us one name. And that name was Yahweh. Scripture says that there is power in His name. The other names and titles mean well and are not bad, but He only gave us one name. If it doesn't matter what His name is then why change it from the original major name? The original Hebrews had broken many covenants over the years and did not feel worthy of speeking His real name and so the called him Adonai and other names that meant well. They did not want to use Yahweh's name in vain. This over the years became tridition and still is today. The Baker theology dictionary states that His name appears over nine thousand times; in over six thousand times it was changed to Lord. Lord is a title, it's not Yahweh's name. 
       The names and titles like Jesus, Lord and Christ all come through the Greek, Latin and Roman langauge. Yahshua is Hebrew. Again Yahweh accepts all languages, But names don't translate form one to another. If your name is Yoe Ming in China, it doesn't change to John Doe when you get to America. You can translate English to Chinise, but Your name Stays Yoe Ming.

We must Seek God [Yahweh] not our spiritual leaders. They are just teachers and preachers.

       Study sociology and theology of those times and add in origins of language. Also Study transliturated scriptures, not the watered down translaion suff.
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